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Fire Risk Assessments in Manchester Professional Fire Risk Assessors

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires the responsible person to carry out a "suitable and sufficient" assessment of the risks on the premises. What form the assessment takes will be dependent on the type and size of premises or undertaking concerned.

What is suitable and sufficient for one type of premises will not be sufficient for another. The nature of the assessment will vary according to the type and use of the premises, the persons who use the premises, and the risks associated with that use.

In each case the determining factor is likely to be whether fire hazards have been reasonably identified, risk reduction carried out and appropriate protection measures implemented or proposed. Call us for a no obligation quote on 0161 2449 952

Guaranteed Fire Risk Assessments Manchester

In the unlikely event that Fire and Rescue Services are not happy with the fire risk assessment, we will work with you and the Fire & Rescue services to resolve any differences of opinion. No fees would apply to this service.

Need a Fire Risk Assessor in Manchester?

A risk assessment should be reviewed regularly by the responsible person to keep it up to date, valid and to reflect any significant changes that may have taken place.

The risk assessment must be recorded where five or more persons are employed or a licence is in force. Records of tests on the maintenance of fire safety systems and training need to be recorded in a suitable fire log book.

What we will do:

Complete your assessment in full consultation with yourself at your premises.
Ensure your premises have adequate fire safety arrangements in place.
Ensure adequate fire safety systems are in place for the protection of your staff and clients.
Focus on your business needs and your legal requirement to comply with the Fire Safety Order.
Provide ongoing support should you wish to alter your premises or work system.
Provide an experienced ex Fire Officer with over 30 years Fire Safety experience.

Fire Risk Assessments For All Types of Businesses

We can help all businesses even if the fire service have visited and issued an Enforcement or Prohibition notice. We can carry out your Fire Risk Assessment and liaise with the enforcing authority to quickly resolve all areas of concern

Our aim is to form a long term business relationship with you to meet your future fire safety needs and requirements and are always available to help

Companies overlook fire safety at their peril. Not only can it endanger life, but it is an unfortunate fact that 40% of businesses do not recover from a serious fire. It is therefore recommended that a Contingency Plan (Disaster recovery) be put together, in order to ensure a minimum of disruption to business.

The Fire Safety Order states all businesses must have a Responsible Person who has a duty of care to ensure the premises are safe for staff, clients/ customers, visitors, people with special needs and children. This person must be competent. This is where we can help as your retained adviser to the Responsible person

Our service includes:

Fire Risk Assessment From 10.00 per month
Free telephone and e-mail advice 9am-5pm Mon-Fri except bank holidays
Two Free site visits annually
Free Fire Extinguisher Training for up to ten staff
Discounts off Fire Marshal Training
We recognize that your needs will differ from anyone else's and we will discuss your ongoing fire safety requirements and then provide you with a quotation.

We will go that extra mile for our clients. This can be particularly important for small or new businesses with limited time, management capacity or financial resources available.
Want To Carry Out Your Own Fire Risk Assessment in Manchester?

If you feel competent to carry out your own Fire Risk Assessment it is important to do in a systematic and practical way. Our Fire Risk Assessment template will help you to do that and improve fire safety for your business. Suitable for all business types large or small. We offer a very basic free fire risk assessment template or you can order our in depth fire risk assessment template below

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